This Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy") includes websites operated by Frezecim Cutting Tools ("Frezecim”) and contains descriptions of the use of cookies. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies as set out in this Policy.

What is a cookie? Cookies are small text files that can be stored in a visitor's device (for example, a computer or phone) and can store data in name-value format when a website is visited. These text files can be interpreted by browsers and servers that can provide access to them, and various information can be obtained about the device on which the website is visited and therefore concerning the user. Nowadays, almost every site uses cookies.

Who Sends Cookies and How? Cookies are sent via the communication established between the servers of the organization mentioned above, *by Frezecim and/or *by third parties if it provides some content, such as videos or photos, on the visited page, and with the browser on your device (such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) during your browsing

What are cookies used for? Cookies are used for many different purposes. For example, cookies are mostly used for the following purposes: *For the web site to work properly (For example, for the content of the site, such as text, photos, links to be found in the relevant places) * Providing a more personalized and more engaging experience for visitors (e.g. providing services tailored to your preferences) *Improving and optimizing the website (e.g. making pages with errors or non-preferences functional) and *Remembering visitors' preferences (For example, the information you enter when you log in to our website, language and other preferences)

Where Can I Find More Information About Cookies? The content of cookie texts is often only for engineers to process, and for more information about cookies in a clear and understandable language, visitors are recommended to visit or (English).

What Kind of Cookies Do You Use?

Cookie Type Description
Session/Transient Cookies Refers to temporary cookies stored on your devices until you leave the website.
Permanent/Persistent Cookies Persistent cookies are the type of cookies that remain on your device's hard drive for a long period of time, and their usage period may vary from a few days to several years.
Essential Cookies These cookies must be kept in order for the website to function properly and for users to benefit from the services and navigation features offered on the site. For example, although not sent by us, social media sharing cookies sent to your device by social media networks to share news that interest you on our site or to access our accounts on the relevant platform are essential cookies.
Functional and Analytical Cookies They are used for remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, and optimizing the site to respond to user requests and contain data about how visitors use the site. By nature, such cookies may contain your personal information. For example, cookies that register your language preference on our site are functional cookies.

How is the information we receive from your device used?

In addition, we use the frequency of clicks on the contents of the articles, news and other tabs on our website during your visits, and usage data for the visited pages for statistical purposes, by making them anonymous. You do not have to accept cookies to use our website, but the quality of your user experience may be reduced. You can delete or block cookies, but our website may not function as it should. We do not use the data we collect on cookies to specify your identity. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy and are not processed in violation of data protection legislation.

How do I control for cookies?

You can delete cookies already available on your device and set your internet browser to block cookies. However, we would like to warn you that if you set your browser to block cookies, some of the services on our website may not function properly. 

We use cookies to customize and improve your experience on our site. Cookies are defined in the scope of the rules to be followed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). For more information about our Cookie Consent Tool or to manage your personal preferences, visit our Data and Cookie Policy. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies.